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Library Facilities

Inspiring library, a repository of knowledge

In today’s hi-tech and competitive learning environment a well-established library is a need to the Under Graduate Students, Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars and the Faculty. Our Library is well equipped, fully computerized with near about 3126 study materials which include Books, Reference Books, Student's Project Reports, databases etc.

With Interlibrary Loan (ILL) facility all the College libraries of Raisoni Group are linked through Internet, so students have access to near about 1,98,352 Books, Research Books, journals and other resources throughout the entire Raisoni Group of Institutions.

Library and learning resources provide a wide range of facilities for support in studies. The salient features of the extensive library are:-

  • Well-lit, airy and spacious reading rooms
  • Online Public Access Catalogue
  • News Paper Clipping service
  • A variety of information sources
  • Ergonomically designed facilities
  • Undisturbed study environment for hours in comfort
  • Open access to the Book Bank
  • Book lending
  • Inter library loan

Residential Facilities

Hostel Facility

Elaborate arrangements have been made in the hostel to provide academically conducive, safe secure and above all economically affordable accommodation with homely ambience. Institute has boys as well as girl’s hostel. It has facilities like solar water heaters, indoor game center, TV room and canteen. Mess facility with proper hygiene. ATM facility is available for students.

Life @ Residential Facilities

Recreational facilities, gymnasium, yoga center, etc.:

  • Recreation room with newspapers and journals
  • Recreational facilities like indoor games.
  • Common room with audio-visual equipments
  • Celebration of all major festivals with gusto
  • Television and Computer facilities in hostel
  • A multi Gym with sophisticated machines for workouts
  • Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities like Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, and Hand- Ball are also available for boarders.
  • Facilities for medical emergencies: There is a health centre in campus with ambulance facility. For serious illness, help is provided by shifting the ward to a nearby hospital.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi facility: Computer facility including access to internet in hostel
  • Security: Security Guards are there for both entrances of the college and hostel. Watchman shed and Gate-keeper room has been made near the gate for proper security.


Boys’ & Girls’ Common Rooms

Boys’ common room is located on First Floor whereas Girls’ common room is located on Ground Floor.



Well equipped gymnasium is on Ground floor (Boys Hostel)

Amravti Hostel

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Health Care Facilities

Ambulance: One Ambulance is always available in campus to attend to any emergencies.

Banking Facilities

ATM: ICICI Bank’s ATM counter is also available in the Campus.

Sports Facilities

Indoor Sports Room: Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities like Pool table, Carom, Chess, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, and Hand- Ball are also available

Timings: 4.00pm-6.00pm

Canteen Facilities

Students’ canteen: The Institute has separate canteen for students.

Transportation Facilities

Bus Facility: Institute bus facility is provided to all the students at subsidized rates. The bus facility is also extended to students for visit to industries, for survey etc. A yearly pass to use this facility can be obtained from the college office after paying the prescribed charges. Institute Buses are running on four different routes cover the entire city. Once a route has been finalized no changes/diversions will be entertained and parents are requested to cooperate. An addition to existing stops or revision of routes is entirely at the college’s discretion. In the rare event of any special requests, please contact the college administration. In case of a change in your pick up/ drop point contact the staff in charge, Do not make arrangements with the driver directly,

Smart Class Rooms

Email Id –

After taking admission every student is allotted email id which they should compulsorily use for all academic transactions. The id name has a specific format, for ex. <sumame>_<firstname>


On this id students will receive mails from the professional societies of their branch, official communication as well learning material as provided by teachers.

Students should login at least twice a week and check mails for updates. For any problem related to username, password or inactivation of raisoni maiI id kindly contact server room In charge .



The campus has Wi-Fi connectivity. For accessing internet on laptop students will have to register themselves by going to server room for registration. After successful registration they get IP address for accessing the internet on campus.

Internet and Computer Ethics:


Well equipped Computer Lab

The Institute has well equipped Computer Lab for all disciplines of ‘ MBA. The computer lab is used for regular practical like academic presentations and workshops to give more practical exposure to students to help them clear their conceptual understanding.